2014 ‘clocks And Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch & Clock Exhibition Iwc Stands Directly

The 2014 “Watches and Miracles” Asia High-end Watch Fair officially opened in Hong Kong today. As an annual event in the high-end watch industry, this show will share with us the traditional culture, expertise and exquisite craftsmanship of major brands. During the four-day exhibition, Watch House will report this event for you throughout. Here is a record of the actual shooting of the International Pavilion:

  As a watch brand with an important position in the world’s watch manufacturing industry, IWC is very sophisticated about the exhibition hall layout. The elegant style highlights the brand’s long history and also incorporates modern details and decoration, thus showing It gives the elegant impression of IWC as an internationally renowned brand.


Summary: Having seen the look of the IWC booth, we are more looking forward to witnessing the brand’s high-end watches. In a later report, the watch house will offer you, including the new products brought by IWC at this exhibition and earlier. A classic, stay tuned!