Sea And Land Amphibious Sports World Master Tissot Junchi 200 Series

If you compare the Tissot Junchi 200 series watch to a man, then he must be a master of the sports industry. On land, you can accurately know the speed of Chema Yangbian; in the sea, you can also safely control it, allowing you to swim in the deep sea; more importantly, his tough and handsome appearance, coupled with the pursuit of precise spirit, is absolutely a vertical and horizontal sea and land Perched peak.

Tissot 200 series watch with gold bracelet
Awesome design
 The English name of the Junchi 200 series is PRS 200. P stands for Precise—precise, R stands for Robust—sturdy, S stands for Sporty—sports, and 200 stands for 200 meters of water resistance. Accurate and sturdy, reflecting the full range of sports!
 The Junchi 200 series was first launched in 2003, and was launched on the market, and has been well received! Its powerful design has won the favor of many consumers and praise from the industry. In 2004, the series became the design circle of Irving’s limited edition, which perfectly reflects Irving’s spirit of pursuing the limit and constantly challenging himself. This year, Tissot designers used the latest design concepts to focus on simplifying and narrowing the bezel to make the dial larger and the readings clearer.

Tissot Junchi 200 series gold and black plate models, Tissot Junchi 200 series all yellow models
 At the same time, the new Junchi 200 series also continues the original design concept, allowing its precise and sporty style to be inherited. The bezel has a gear-shaped design, which is extremely mechanical and sporty. The rough crown is supplemented by a piston-type chronograph button, which makes the watch exude the power of a car engine.
 There are 9 watches in this series to choose from, especially worth mentioning is the Jun Chi 200 series gold watches, which reveals nobleness in sports and shows deepness in nobility, whether it is a successful business man or a sports enthusiast. Fashion kid is the best choice.

Tissot Junchi 200 leather strap
Heaven into the sea
 The Tissot 200 Series watches have both chronograph, speed and dive functions. The chronograph dial on the dial can count for 30 minutes and can be accurate to 1/10 seconds. There is a speedometer on the outer circle of the dial, which can measure the average speed of 60-400 km / h. At the same time, its diving function is also negligible. The steel strap version has a diving strap extension device, which is convenient for wearing the watch outside the diving suit when diving. Before diving, according to the provision time of the diving oxygen cylinder, turn the fluorescent arrow on the bezel to the oxygen depletion time to remind When the diver floats up, the bezel can only rotate counterclockwise in one direction to ensure the safety of diving; the use of environmentally friendly luminous hands and scales: to ensure easy reading in dark water. Accurate timing and diving functions are integrated in the design concept of the Junchi 200 series, creating convenience for sports and grasping the pulse for life. It is a masterpiece of heaven and the sea!