Zhen Li Shi Su Ya To Watch Phase Romantic Romantic Xixi

Ancient Chinese Tanabata and the bridge meet, Chinese love has been so eternal and elegant since ancient times, and the love of fearless sparkling years is more precious after years of tempering. Zenith carefully selects a pair of elegant Valentine’s Day watch pairs with you to celebrate the romantic Valentine’s Day, with wonderful wrist watch as a token, to witness the eternal and sweet happy time in love.

Commander series ultra-thin men’s watch market price: 37,000 yuan

┬áZenith’s Tanabata Festival brings a variety of classic elements to the dial with a gentle and classic design. It contains the profound meaning of Chinese classics, depicting the extraordinary elegance of pure elegance, and the slim and simple design highlights youthful vitality and vigor. , Perfectly highlights the true aesthetic value. The heritage series of ultra-thin men’s watches adopt an ultra-thin case with a diameter of 40 mm, equipped with a perfectly matched ultra-thin Elite 681 automatic movement, inheriting the brand’s tradition of advocating mechanical movements and pure and simple design, the curved double-sided glare The sapphire crystal is processed to make the watch clearer and easier to read, and the white lacquered dial is low-key and elegant.

Commander series ultra-thin women’s moon phase watch market price: 37,600 yuan

┬áThe Commander’s ultra-thin women’s moon phase watch combines superior technology and seductive beauty, and is equipped with an Elite ultra-thin movement, which is as precise and detailed as Alexander’s ancient poetry, and as free as romantic poetry. The moon phase display is like a precious jewel, and the dial shows the beauty of day and night and the elegance of night. The small seconds at 9 o’clock, and the moon phase window at 6 o’clock, exuding classic beauty in a delicate asymmetrical layout, and the extremely modern style bracelet strap makes this watch a classic subtle, timeless and charming Boutique. This pair of watches adopts classical Roman numeral time scales, equipped with two different materials and different styles of straps, to fully interpret the beauty of blindness and mutual affection, like a pair of beautiful ladies, facing each other silently, and complement each other.