Retro Is Hot Longines Watches Land, Sea And Air Force Make Out

Talking about Longines Longines, for many professional watch media practitioners, I believe that they will be very impressed by the brand’s extremely rich museum collection. This is also Longines’s classic Heritage series. Every time it is published at the Basel Watch Exhibition, it will cause surprises and praises from the participating media. It can continue to glance at some of its magnificent treasures. It is also an expectation when visiting Longines Booth every year. Of course, there is also Hear the hearty laugh of brand CEO Walter Von Kanel and see his kind smile. In 2017, this brand with the flying wing hourglass as the trademark seems to have strengthened its intentions and strength in the classic series. At one breath, it launched three major areas of land, sea and air. 4 watches with charming styles. : 1945 replica watch, BigEye replica flight watch, 60th anniversary replica watch of the flagship series and replica railway watch.

1945 replica stainless steel case with 40 mm diameter, warm frosted copper dial, hours, minutes and small seconds, L609.3 self-winding movement, 42-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal, special distressed leather Handle beige strap.
   Because the American watch media website editor posted a picture of a watch on Instagram, the staff of the original Longines found out that this is actually a rare watch that has not been collected in the museum, so the brand is particularly The editor borrowed his private collection, and after the watch factory technicians used instrument scanning to reconstruct the case structure and movement details, the reproduction of this 1945 replica watch was reproduced in 2017. As the name suggests, it is derived from the antique watch introduced in 1945, and it is perfect in the middle of the 20th century under the combination of matte copper dial, blue steel leaf-shaped hands and painted Arabic numeral hour markers and silver sapphire hour markers. Pure classic style, fully presented. In terms of movement, the original 12.68Z manual-winding movement was replaced with an L609.3 automatic-winding movement, providing stable and continuous operation for up to 42 hours. This timeless classic watch, I believe that even after dozens, even hundreds of years, still simple and elegant appearance, deeply captured the hearts of people.

BigEye Replica Flight Watch Stainless Steel Case, 41mm Diameter, Semi-Gloss Black Dial, Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Chronograph, L688.2 Self-winding Movement with Guide Wheel Chronograph Device , 54-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal, brown calfskin strap.
   The BigEye big-eye replica flight watch with flying blood gene is also inspired by a chronograph with the typical aesthetic design of the golden age of aviation. Adhering to this spirit, the strong contrasting colors of black and white are very conspicuous. The minute counter, combined with the easy-to-read dial, make it distinctive and distinctive. In the operation of the chronograph, the pilot has also chosen to allow the pilot to easily press the mushroom-shaped handle of the chronograph even if he wears heavy cold-proof leather gloves. It is an exquisite masterpiece with great historical meaning. The name ‘Eye BigEye’ comes from the minute counter at 3 o’clock, which has a particularly enlarged diameter. The movement inside is the L688 column-wheel movement developed exclusively by Longines, which is also ancient. It is particularly worth mentioning that in the GPHG Geneva Watch Awards to be issued at the end of 2017, this chronograph has also been selected as the shortlist for the ‘best chronograph’, which shows the industry’s professional affirmation of this watch. .

Flagship Series 60th Anniversary Stainless Steel Engraved Watch Stainless Steel Case, 38.5mm Diameter, Double Gradually Silver Matte Dial, Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Automatic L609 Movement, 42-Hour Power Reserve, Sapphire Crystal , Brown alligator strap.
   The flagship Flagship series is a Longines watch series that began in 1957. Its main purpose is to pay tribute to the heroes who are adventurous in navigation, hence the name of the flagship used by the captain of the marine adventure. Today, the flagship series is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, so the brand has launched a limited edition of 1957 stainless steel replica watches, a limited edition of 18K gold replica watches, and a limited edition of 60 rose gold replica watches. paragraph. The sharp silver frosted dial, in particular, uses two different grinding methods to show the different detailed layers of the inner and outer ring dials. The asymmetrical, rhombus-designed toffee-style hands outline an exquisite and modern style, which goes well with the metal dial. Like the first model in the series, the bottom cover of the commemorative replica watch is engraved with a flagship totem, showing the bravery of Tengyun’s aspirations, and the brown alligator leather strap lined on the side exudes elegance. Quiet charm.

Reprinted railway watch stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm, off-white dial, hours, minutes, seconds, L888.2 self-winding movement, power reserve 64 hours, sapphire crystal, engraved pattern on the back cover inspired by 1920 1950s, pocket watch decoration for railway companies, black alligator leather strap.
   The last replica railway watch is because the brand designed a custom watch for the railway company in 1960. It meets the railway company’s standards in aesthetics, design quality and accuracy. Well received. The Arabic numeral 0 is used to replace the commonly used 12 o’clock time scale, the 13 to 24 hour time scale added to the inner scale, and the ‘Rail Road’ meaning represented by RR on the dial. Every detail is reproduced in the original way Engraved from the prototype. The RR of the prototype model is followed by the number 280, which represents the model of the movement used in the prototype model. On the new replica watch, it is 888, which shows the model of the movement used in the new replica model. . With a nostalgic retro beige dial, the low-key shows the aesthetic fashion of the engraved model, and it is also a white dial that is different from the prototype. If you look at the bottom cover, you will find the totem engraved on the railway, inspired by the pocket watch decoration designed by the railway company in the 1920s. It is also a perfect combination with Longines’ famous flying wing hourglass trademark. Professional concept. It is believed that the above-mentioned four Longines replica models will definitely be sophisticated and elegant aesthetics, and the Longines replica models that must be purchased.