Light Hollow Is Not Enough To See Patek Philippe 5180/1r

The 240 movement is now a well-established and well-known family of family members. It includes everything from basic functions to complex functions. However, if you choose it from the perspective of the ‘Appearance Association’, the 240 SQU first launched in 2008 The movement should be the most beautiful 240 movement in many people’s hearts. In 2017, in order to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the movement, Patek Philippe launched a new rose gold version equipped with this hollow movement, with its gorgeous and exquisite craft figure, Once again caused the coveted feelings of collectors in the market.

Feature one: change to rose gold
The version launched before 5180 was white gold, and the addition of a rose gold version after a few years was not only a series of generations, but also regarded as Patek Philippe’s intentional celebration of the 240th anniversary of the movement. The dial of the watch can clearly see the hollow support ring that connects the movement to the case. The support ring not only shoulders the supporting effect, but it is also designed as 12 spoke lines and can also be used with the pointer as a time mark. The blackened lancet is matched with the gold dial / movement. It inherits the contrast effect of the previous platinum and blue steel hands, so that the wearer will not be lost in the movement’s beautiful gold carving when reading Visual appeal.

In addition to the supporting part of the case and the movement, the supporting ring is also located at the 12 o’clock position.

Feature 2: 240 SQU movement is also time consuming
The reason why 5180 is highly respected is that it further ‘artifies’ ultra-thin movements, not only for hollowing out time-consuming and labor-intensive movements (for 240 SQU movements, it only takes Week), Patek Philippe also carved beautiful carvings by hand on the surface of the remaining support plate after hollowing out. This 5180 / 1R engraving pattern is mainly composed of vines and spirals. At the same time, the clockwork box on the front of the movement The bridge can also find the brand’s symbolic decoration that is cleverly integrated into the Carrejohua cross. After the hollowing out process, the man-hours spent on the engraving process of the movement also exceeded 130 hours. This shows the depth of Patek Philippe’s intention.

The thickness of the 240 SQU movement is only 2.53mm, and the overall thickness of the case is only 6.7mm. It is commendable that this model has also undergone hollowing and engraving, which is twice as difficult as the production of ordinary ultra-thin watches.

Feature three: PP mark rarely appears here
Turning to the case back, in addition to enjoying a wide range of penetration and superb gold carving techniques, this 5180 / 1R has a new look because of the lack of a complete substrate. PP marks are rarely engraved on the On the micro-automatic plate, this also means that while the watch is focused on sensory enjoyment such as thinness, lightness, transparency, and beauty, it still does not forget to strictly require its overall quality or must reflect the high level of watch production.

The ultra-thin plus engraving may cause the movement of the movement to be unstable in general impressions, but the 5180 / 1R still passed the check of the PP mark and was rarely engraved on the micro-automatic disc.

Calatrava Ref. 5180 / 1R

18K rose gold material / 240 SQU self-winding movement / hour, minute display / sapphire crystal, transparent case back / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 39mm / reference price: 651,300 RMB

Living Moments Lawrence Sports Legend Li Xiaopeng Appeared In Shanghai Congratulations To Iwc Lawrence Children’s Drawing Competition Winners

September 12, 2017, Shanghai —— IWC Lawrence Children’s Drawing Contest winners were born through selection. The 12-year-old Chinese boy Hou Yi won this honor. IWC engraved this special painting on the bottom of the Lawrence Special Edition Limited Watch. Part of the proceeds of the watch will be invested in the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation to improve the lives of young people around the world.

   This year’s winner, Hou Yan, is from Shanghai, China, and is a Special Olympics athlete. Many young contestants in the IWC Lawrence Children’s Drawing Competition are from charity projects supported by the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation around the world. Hou Yi is also one of them.

   Hearing the Olympic gymnastics star Li Xiaopeng coming to school to congratulate, the teachers and students of Hou Yun and Jing’an Qihui Special Education School were particularly excited. Hou Yi’s award-winning paintings created under the theme of “Time Well Spent” were also engraved on the 11th Lawrence Special Edition—the special edition of the IWC Express Vinci watch “Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation” (Model: IW393402) on the bottom of the watch. In the painting, a little boy skiing happily raised his hands, which symbolized the wonderful moment when Hou Yi, a Special Olympics athlete, participated in the Special Olympics, and gained confidence and pride.

   The Special Olympics International (referred to as the Special Olympics International) provides opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in Olympic-style sports training and competitions. It is estimated that there are currently more than 8.5 million people with intellectual or physical disabilities in China.
Guest Greetings:

   Li Xiaopeng, member of the Lawrence World Sports Association: ‘Congratulations to Hou Yi and Special Olympics International. Hou Yi won the IWC Lawrence Children’s Painting Championship, affirming his efforts and also the special work of the International Special Olympics in China Recognition. The drawing contest is very meaningful. It helps people with intellectual disabilities to break down barriers to society and fully demonstrates the power and spirit of sports. I would like to thank IWC for more than 12 years. Part of the proceeds goes to the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation to support charity. This is really an imaginative idea. ‘

   Christoph Grainger-Herr, Chief Executive Officer of IWC Schaffhausen: ‘Congratulations to Hou Yi and the Special Olympics. As a global partner of the Lawrence Sports Foundation, IWC will Part of the income of the Lawrence Special Edition Watch is invested in the global Lawrence charity project to help the participating youths. The winners of our drawing contests come from all over the world, including Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Russia, Uganda, and China this time. Hou烨 ‘s paintings reflect the fun of sports and the importance of sports, which is also the idea that IWC is happy to share. ‘
   Ye Jiaqian, Director of Marketing and Development, Special Olympics East Asia: ‘Everyone who supports the Special Olympics business in Shanghai is proud that his children’s work will win the IWC Lawrence Children’s Painting Competition. Hou Yi is also very happy and for many people I am happy to see my work. It is exciting to participate in this competition, and it is very educational for all our teenagers. It is learned that children from different countries around the world have participated in it. Is proud of its continued growth. ‘

   IWC IWC expresses the special edition of the Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation (model: IW393402) with a diameter of 42 mm and a stainless steel case with a blue dial. The newly developed removable lugs with the curved corners of the lugs ensure that the black Santoni alligator strap fits perfectly on the wrist. The special engraving on the bottom of the watch shows the care for vulnerable children and adolescents. Reference retail price: RMB 97,800