Richard Miller Accompanies Nadal On The 2016 New Season Journey

Rafael Nadal, the legend of Roland Garros, is not only a partner of Richard Miller, but also a close friend of the brand. Like other partners of the brand, Nadal is also personally involved in the development of exclusive watches; on the contrary, Richard Miller wholeheartedly supports Nadal, regardless of glory or trough, victory or defeat, from beginning to end, even beyond his tennis career . 2015 was a great year for Nadal and Richard Miller. During the Roland Garros French Open event, the brand launched the RM27-02 watch equipped with an excellent tourbillon movement.

   The watch was named ‘Raphael Nadal’. Richard Miller creatively built the integrated structure of the substrate and the ring for the first time with NTPT® carbon fiber (excellent technical performance). The tourbillon movement can resist the impact of up to 5000G , So that the brand has made significant progress in the movement architecture. This watch is very important for Richard Miller, it defines a new approach to architecture: with three-dimensional elements, the emphasis is on the depth of the movement. Rafael Nadal started to wear RM27-02 to participate in the game. For Rafael Nadal who has a fixed program before serving, ‘lucky charm RM’ has become a necessity. Rafael Nadal has a special interest in RM27-02, which is already an indispensable strategic calculation tool when he is playing on the tennis court.

   Another major event of Richard Miller / Raphael Nadal in 2015 was the charity auction of the RM27-02 prototype watch on OnlyWatch. Rafael Nadal also donated his match jersey to the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Prevention Association and gave it to the successful bidder of the watch. All the proceeds were donated to the Luc Pettavino Foundation to fund the muscles. Research on atrophy prevention and treatment. The RM27-02 watch sold the second highest price (650,000 euros) that night, making the sixth OnlyWatch charity auction a complete success.

   One thing is obvious: New Year marks the return of Rafael Nadal to its peak. In the annual International Tennis Super League (IPTL) team tournaments held in Asian cities at the end of 2015, Rafael Nadal announced that he had found his best form by virtue of his outstanding performance. Swiss player Roger Federer has no doubt about the Spanish player’s ability: ‘(Rafael Nadal) showed his excellent tennis skills in the Grand Slam.’ Uncle Tony also confirmed: ‘Last month, (Rafael Nadal) isn’t far away from being in the world. ‘

   On January 2, 2016, the Abu Dhabi Tennis Invitational. Following the victory of compatriot David Ferrer in the three sets the previous day, Rafael Nadal played well in 7-6, 6 in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. -3 defeat of Milos Raonic, to win the first crown of the New Year, this is another proof of his return to the top.

   Rafael Nadal’s humility and determination to reach and maintain the top ranks in the world’s tennis scene prove his commitment. ‘If you are number one in the world, you must constantly improve your performance, because you know that others are also working hard. We wish our friend Rafael Nadal all the best in 2016 and we hope he can return to the ATP world rankings One, and continue to bring us amazing performances in the Grand Slam final. ‘(Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)