Braise Launches Br-x2 Tourbillon Micro-rotor Skeleton Hollow Limited Watch

Last year, Bell & Ross released the second-generation experimental watch series: BR-X2TourbillonMicro-Rotor watch, the case and the movement are merged into one component. Continuing the spirit of innovation, in order to break through the boundaries and meet the challenge of pushing transparency to the extreme, this year the brand launched the BR-X2Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Skeleton Hollow Limited Watch (BRX2-MRTB-SK-ST).

 The basic idea of ​​the BR-X2 watch is to wear the movement directly on the wrist. The case disappears visually, and the movement mechanism is brought to the eyes. To this end, Bell & Ross designed and developed a square movement-BR-CAL.381, which uses the brand’s signature shape. The movement is placed between two sapphire crystals, connected by narrow strips of stainless steel, ensuring unrestricted view.

 The dial also disappeared into the field of vision, and the skeletonized movement was fully exposed, and all the elements could be carefully appreciated. In the case of skeletonized movements, the biggest challenge is to remove as much material as possible while ensuring mechanical structure and performance. From tiny parts to finished watches, every detail matters. When designing this watch, Bruno Belamich, the brand’s creative director, invented a utopian idea: ‘The fusion of the case and the movement into a single component makes the case disappear, leaving only the movement visible.’ In order to highlight the inherent pure aesthetics and professional technology, designers balance simplicity and performance to achieve a true fusion of tradition and avant-garde.

 With a flying tourbillon that counteracts the effects of Earth’s gravity, this two-hand watch displays hour and minute information with ultra-high accuracy. Although simple, yet elegant and understated, this is also thanks to the moderately sized case (42.5 mm) and the exquisite ultra-thin movement (4.05 mm) which is automatically wound by a miniature rotor. The miniaturization of the oscillating weight can reduce the thickness of the movement while providing the same power reserve.

 Bell & Ross BR-X2TourbillonMicro-RotorSkeleton skeleton watch design draws inspiration from modern architecture, limited edition of 50 pieces. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)