Fiyta Joins Hands With Gao Yuanyuan To Go To New York For A Fashion Appointment

In September 2014, Gao Yuanyuan, the brand spokesperson for Fiyta, will travel to New York to participate in the 2015 Spring and Summer Fashion Week. In this luxurious feast staged by watch and fashion, Gao Yuanyuan and Dai Fiada traveled through international fashion brands to witness these romantic and fashionable moments of charm. During the event, pay attention to Fiytaclub’s official WeChat account (fiytaclub) and official Weibo (@ 飞亚达), select the New York Fashion Week outfit for Goddess Gao Yuanyuan, and have a chance to get autographed postcards by the stars.

  Fashion Jiugongge National Fashion Show
  This is the third time that Fiyta and Gao Yuanyuan have been collaborating on fashion—New York Fashion Week. From Milan Fashion Week 2012 to Paris Fashion Week 2013, Gao Yuanyuan acts as a brand spokesperson and travels through major brands wearing Fiyta watches. During the fashion show, Fiyta witnessed Gao Yuanyuan’s perfect transformation from fresh and natural to elegant and mature. Her international superstar style has become more and more attractive.

  During this period, pay attention to the official Weibo and WeChat platforms of Fiyta, and choose the outfits for the goddess Gao Yuanyuan this time to go to New York Fashion Week. Fiyta will send nine different collections on the official platform in the form of nine palaces, attracting netizens to guess how Gao Yuanyuan will eventually dress during New York Fashion Week, and netizens will select and match Fiyta watches for them. Yada watch will eventually become the style worn by Gao Yuanyuan during the clothing week.

  Follow Fiyta’s official WeChat Weibo and make your fashion choices! Netizens participating in official activities have a better chance to get autographed postcards from stars.

  Confident woman is always touching
  For those confident women, time is the best gift. The stories that flow in the seconds, the eternal love and beauty, are all better with time. Fiyta’s heartstring series ladies watches, with beautiful fashion and superb quality, achieve the heart of elegant women, carrying women’s joy and dreams.

  Fiyta has always believed that helping more people realize their dreams is the dream that is more enjoyable. Gao Yuanyuan participated in the design of the ‘Charity Special Section’, expressing melodious melody on the disk, and compose great love. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to help poor teachers in the Yunnan-Guizhou area to pass on their dreams and live on.

Model: LA8612.MWMH
Name: Fiyta Heartstring Series 2014 Charity Special
The Fiyta Heartstring Series 2014 Charity Special Watch uses a delicate and gentle mother-of-pearl dial with a unique texture like human fingerprints. It has a noble texture and has been carefully selected and polished by a craftsman to achieve this. Ambilight on the wrist.

Model: LA8262.GWSS
Name: Fiyta Clover Series
The ruby ​​symbolizes the supreme love, implying steadfastness and beauty, and the 24 rubies represent the meticulous guardianship for 24 hours. It flows into time and becomes a spectacle in the middle of the lan, drunk and drunk.